Aegir5 Roadmap is moving along!

2 minute read Published: Author: Derek Laventure (spiderman)

You may have heard that Aegir5 is being re-activated by the Consensus team, and this week we published an update to the Aegir5 docs site describing the User Stories we’ve identified, broken out into a series of Releases.

Thematically, we’re looking at a progression like this:

  • Release 1: Establish a pluggable backend mechanism to support stateless project hosting on either VM or Kubernetes Deployment Targets.
  • Release 2: Build out stateful project support, specifically targeting Drupal
  • Release 3: Add lifecycle support for importing, updating, backing up and restoring projects.
  • Release 4: Introduce Application workflows for versioned releases and production environments.

We still need to add enough detail to these to be able to estimate these realistically, in order to construct a coherent roadmap including level of effort and timeline. However, we are hoping to move through these first few releases fairly quickly, with the medium-term goal of making Aegir5 a viable replacement for Aegir3. We have created an initial set of RFC Issues[]=RFC to request feedback on this emerging plan of attack.

If you are an Aegir 3 user or an interested Aegir 5 contributor, we’d really appreciate hearing from you! Do the User Stories described address your desired use-case? What’s critical to you that we might be missing? We prefer to apply our limited resources to the most valuable features and functions, so please tell us what you value :)

As an aside, we are also wrestling with naming and categorizing Aegir 5, and welcome community feedback on these questions as well.

As next steps, we plan to break out the User Stories into more detailed RFC issues, and ultimately estimate the effort involved in implementing them. From here we plan to seek funding either internally or through partners in the community to execute on that plan. Please join us in making Aegir 5 a reality!