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What is Ægir?

Ægir’s features include:

Deploy Web Applications

Ægir makes it easy to install, upgrade, and backup an entire network of Drupal sites.

Full Life-cycle Management

From deployment, installation and configuration through final archiving, full rollback capabilitites ensure reliability for rich, stateful applications.

Manage Custom Code

Use Git to ship configuration across development, staging and production environments, or deploy custom code across entire platforms.

Fully extensible

Ægir is built on Drupal and Drush, and supports many add-ons through contributed extensions.

Cloud Ready

Ægir allows you to deploy and manage many sites, and can scale across multiple server clusters.

Helpful Community

Aegir is built by a community of system administrators and developers who share Drupal deployment tools, strategies and best practices, instead of continuing to write our own little shell scripts.


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Get Ægir

Instructions to install Ægir

On a recent Debian or Ubuntu server (with a fully qualified domain name), follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.



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